Thursday, 24 May 2012

Let's drag Penn Jillette into this :)

The title is provocative and actually misleading - to say that parenting doesn't have significant systematic long-term effects is not to say that it doesn't matter. That parents don't have the power to mess up their children for life by spanking them doesn't mean they don't have the power to hurt them in the present by spanking them, and of course it matters whether they do. Enough bickering, though, Penn does put a nice spin on the issue in this video :)

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  1. WoW..that brought some memories back from years ago, Penn was on of the guys who got me interested in Libertarian thought streams in 2008. That God doesn't exist, isn't the same as understanding WHY God doesn't exist. The 1st is a belief based upon a reading of evidence(subjective,opinion), and the 2nd you can answer when you look at the definitions, and work out rationally, that yes, square circles CANNOT exist, by definition. My group explores why atheists are in fact religious, for their reliance upon the evidence based interpretation of, the scientific method..