Sunday, 20 May 2012

FDR update: 2 users unbanned, links still deleted from Cat's posts without acknowledgement, Bricks' thread still deleted

A quick(ish) update on the Freedomain Radio situation before I go to sleep:

JamesP has stated that he has unbanned the users CatMoody (my girlfriend) and Bricks, who had both been banned right after linking to my blog. His exact words were: "I'm really sorry guys. I got caught up emotionally.  I've reinstated Bricks & Cat Moody's accounts." Here's the thread with his post.

At this point in time, the links to my blog in CatMoody's posts are still missing from them, without a word of acknowledgement that her posts have been edited. The posts in question are in this thread, and the last post on page 2 of that thread by user Annabelle has some evidence to prove that links were tacitly removed from four posts in the thread. (Thanks, Annabelle!)

Also, from what I've seen, Bricks' thread in which he linked to my blog is still deleted from the forum. The deletion of his thread has been documented on the FDRLiberated forum. (I provided that screenshot, although I'm not a member of the FDRLiberated forum. I made the screenshot because I knew that Bricks' thread was very likely to be deleted.)

Perhaps they will still undo those deletions, and perhaps they will comment further on the issue.

While I would happily encourage people to link to the relevant posts on my blog from the Freedomain Radio forum (I'm fine with being self-servingly psychoanalysed by those people), I can't quite retract my warning that linking here puts you at risk of getting banned. User ribuck, however, has not yet been penalised for testing my statement that linking to my blog from the Freedomain Radio forum will now apparently get you banned, nor has the link been removed from his/her post at the end of page 1 of this thread. Hopefully I will be able to confidently retract my warning soon.

On a somewhat different note, Michael McConkey has been given access to the Freedomain Radio forum after a 48h wait, and has started a thread to discuss his (excellent) article on the "Limits of Peaceful Parenting", as well as the treatment it had so far been given by members of the forum, including Stefan Molyneux.

And to all a good night! :)

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